Operate Clean Liquid Pumps With Non-Leak Packing!

Gland Packing

Use the USA Patented SLADE 3300G Expanded Graphite Pump Gland Packing and you can run your clean liquid pumps WITHOUT FLUSHING! Without Leak!

No Flushing
  • Outlast traditional packing by 6:1
  • Virtually no shaft wear
  • No messy leak causing a safety issue
  • No need to re-tighten packing constantly
  • Reduces labour cost
  • Flushing liquid savings (per shaft): 820,000 litres of flush liquid per month (at 19 litres per minute)

Stop Paying For FLUSHING!

Non Leak Pump Packing

Information about SLADE Patented Sealing Products:

  • Manufactured only with 99.26% purity Nuclear Grade Expanded Graphite
  • Reinforced with structural grade carbon fibre core
  • No additives or impregnates of lubricants or inhibitors
  • Operating pH range: 0 to 14 (except strong oxidizers)
  • Operating Temperature range: – 240°C to 1000°C

Upgrade Your Pump Gland Packing!

Carbon Graphite Packing

Find out more about the application of SLADE Patented Packing for pumps handling clean liquids, contact us today.

Goldspark 3300G Packing