Location: West Virginia, USA

Date: February 2003

Application: Worthington Ash Handling Pump with 5 “shaft.

The Problems:

1. The slurry pump was leaking quickly even after new packings were installed.

2. It was traced to a badly scored pump shaft due to the ash abrasives slurry (see below).

3. This was not only messy but was a safety issue.

Scored Shaft and Sleeve /Stem of Pumps and Valves
Packing Seal

SLADE Solution:

  • After inspecting the scored shaft, it does not have sharp cutting edges or deep valleys. It was deemed safe to be reused

  • Slade 3300CJK (reinforced with Kevlar® corners) packing was used at the throat of the stuffing box to act as Bull Ring against the ingress of the slurries into the packing set

  • Slade 3300G (with Carbon fiber corners) packing was used to fill up the stuffing box of the pump (see below)

Slurry Pumps Gland Packing
  • The packing was installed per Slade procedures. This was critical in order to ensure the expanded graphite will be compressed properly. When compressed per SLADE requirements, it will snugly wrap around the shaft for a leak-free sealing

  • The scored shaft was reused; the flush was removed and the need for re-packs have been significantly reduced

Slade 3300G & 3300CJK

All SLADE Packings are made of:

  • PAN grade  high tensile strength carbon fiber

  • High Purity Expanded Graphite with self-lubricity and good compressibility properties

  • When compressed properly, it will conform to the geometry of the stuffing box and shaft

  • Slade Packing can be used with slightly scored sleeves, shafts, and valve stem too

Reusing Scored shaft

SLADE High-performance Slurry Pump Packing configuration as above can reduce flush water use and increase reliability. High tensile strength PAN Grade Carbon yarns provide the reinforcement to resist wear and abrasion in the slurries. Nuclear Grade Expanded Graphite provides sealing and lubrication. This carbon/graphite construction generates very low heat and it has high thermal conductivity, thus requiring less water for cooling. The SLADE Patented Pulstrusion Process used to make these packings has no additives added in your packing. This greatly increases the MTBR in the sealing of Slurry Pumps.

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Goldspark 3300G Packing