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Long Life Soot Blower Packing

Soot blowers use compressed air, steam or water to keep slag build-up from occurring so that the boiler can continue to operate without the necessity of taking the plant offline to clean the soot.


Packing for Soot Blower

In just 2 weeks, 45cm of soot can be accumulated over the boiler tubes as seen in the above picture.

It is critical to clean the soot to ensure the efficiency of the boiler.

The Soot Blower must be kept operational at all times.

When such an amount of soot is accumulated over the boiler tubes, the efficiency drops tremendously (see below).

Soot Blower Packing

It is critical to keep the Soot Blower working continuously. The Soot Blower Packing then becomes a critical item to the reliability of the soot blower. The operating life of the Soot Blower Packing becomes a key determinant of reliability.

Typical Soot Blower Packing Problems:

  • Does not give proper support of feed tube when at its full extension
  • Short Packing life
  • A maintenance headache as it needs to be replaced as frequently as weekly
  • Costs are at a premium
  • Many OEMs add PTFE into their packing to aid in lubrication. This limits the operating temperature of the packing as PTFE will not be able to handle the temperature in access of around 260°C. The typical temperature in a boiler can go as high as 800°C to 950°C.

Advanced Features of SLADE Soot Blower Packing

These are key performance features that will increase the reliability of your soot blower!

Packing for Soot Blower

Incorporates alloy “bull rings”, not just on ends of packing, but strategically throughout the feed tube allowing proper support.

Self Lubricating Soot Blower Packing

Patented SLADE 3300 sealing rings designed for high temperature, high-pressure soot blowers.

SLADE Soot Blower Expanded Graphite packing is Self-lubricating as it is made from expanded graphite which is an excellent self-lubricant.

The expanded graphite is so flexible that it will flow to fill pits, pores, scratches & machine marks of the lance leaving a micro finish of graphite on it!

The lance will not experience the slugging extensions ( i.e. that “sticky” drag) as the expanded graphite has a very low thermal expansion rate so it will not seize on the lance.

It has proven to last 5 times longer than conventional soot blower packing.

How to get high reliability for your soot blower!

Soot Blower

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